How web proxy sites help people browse the web


If you aren’t familiar with what a proxy is, its a service that plays a middle man and lets you access resources just as if the server running that service was accessing them. If that made no sense, go back and read it one more time. Eventually it will make sense. There are many times of services that can be considered a proxy. VPNs are one of the most popular today. With a little help from software, your computer creates a very secure connection and tunnels all of your traffic. Your traffic then goes out to the public internet from there. A company like Hide My Ass establishes servers all over the world allowing you to connect there to tunnel your traffic. Some would argue that this is by far the best way to secure all of your traffic and get around web filters. However this option might not always be viable. What if you happen to use a computer where you cant install software. One very common use for web proxies its to unblock websites. Places like at your job and school where you can’t access Facebook and YouTube people tend to use web proxies. These proxies are not the most compatible. You will have cases where some of the web elements load and some don’t. However as long as the main page content loads the proxy user is happy. For those who are looking to unblock YouTube, all they care is that the video loads. Its funny to think that not all YouTube proxies have working video playback. If you are curious about starting your own web proxy, here is a pretty cool video that give you a nice rundown of whats out where:

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