Situations where VPN servers should be used

vpnIf you have ever wondered what is a VPN, you are going to really enjoy this article as well as find it very informative. A VPN is a virtual private network. It is used in many different applications. It can be used to allow people outside of the network to access resources within a corporate network. It can also be used to tunnel traffic back to another location securely. Recently it has been used more and more in this scenario. Also with the increasing popularity of WiFi hot spots and the need to secure the traffic flying across the air via waves VPNs are becoming more important.

One place where it makes sense to use a VPN is when using a public hotspot with your cellphone. Even if the wifi network uses a security code its still a good idea. Why? You never know who else is on the same network you are. A network at a hotel for example is more often than not shared with all the other guests at the hotel. Someone with enough knowledge can use this as a honeypot of information.

Other scenario where a VPN is important is when traveling. This is especially important when traveling overseas. If you setup an OpenVPN server on your home internet connection you can tunnel all of your traffic back. OpenVPN also has mobile applications that make it super easy to connect to your server.

If you are at work and you use the WiFi there it might also be a good idea to use one there. There are many savvy employers that monitor their employee WiFi networks. Not only do they monitor just to make sure everything is running as is, but they might also be looking at who is surfing the web instead of doing their work. With a VPN they are not able to see what kind of traffic is going to and from your phone. All web traffic is encrypted.

There are many more places where it might be important to use a virtual private connection. If you can thing of any more that were not covered in this article, feel free to comment below. Or if you have other tips feel free to contact us. We love getting new feedback and tips from our awesome readers.

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