More Free VPN solutions for iOS, Android and PC

Hotspot Shield VPN is one of the most known free VPN solutions, the name suggesting the main function of the connection to the Internet protection when we access the Internet via a hotspot. Using this application allows us the access to the websites that are blocked in other networks, the connection to pages that offer access only in specific geographical areas, the protection of the user’s identity by hiding the real IP address, the protection of the bank transactions and the prevention of the possible malware attacks. The Hotspot Shield service is free through the dedicated applications for iPhone, Windows, iPad, iPod, Mac OSX or terminals with Android. The free version has no traffic limit, but it shows ads.

TunnelBear is a similar solution, but the usage of the applications requires to create a free account and to confirm the e-mail address. TunnelBear VPN has applications for Windows XP, iOS, Android and for OSX. The data traffic is limited to 500MB monthly, but the users can receive 1GB at a Twitter offer or they can buy the paid packets. The mobile application allows the easy selection of the server to which the connection is made, the user being allowed to choose from the USA, Germany, England and Canada. For Android, the application has a widget that allows the connection or disconnection right from the main screen.

Hideman VPN – the free option offers 5 hours per week utilization and a maximum of 2GB data traffic per month. The usage of the applications doesn’t require registration and the user can choose between more available free servers and the connection can be done automatically. Hideman offers applications for Android in Apple OSX, Windows, Google Play and for iOS the installment is made by accessing their website from iPad, iPod or iPhone.

Private Tunnel requires the registration on the official website and the confirmation of the e-mail address, and the free version offers 100MB traffic only. The users can receive 200MB extra traffic for each person to whose they recommended the service, or 10GB if the person that received the recommendation purchased a packet with included traffic. Private Tunnel has applications for OSX, iOS, Android and Windows. The user can select the server and the application shows the available data traffic.
One Click doesn’t have traffic limit, but the free version is limited to 7 days for iOS and it doesn’t allow the selection of a server, the connection being automatic.

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