How to set a proxy server in Windows 10

Windows 10 gives us the possibility of easily configure a proxy server with the help of the Settings application, without having to use any type of software. The proxy server will be used by the Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge and by other browser types as well as by the universal applications from the Windows 10 store to access online content.

First, you have to open the Settings application, then you have to click on the Web and Internet section. Here, you will find seven sections in the left side column and you have to click on Proxy.The next step is to choose from the two different option sets that can be configured: Manual proxy configuration and automatic proxy configuration. Before starting to configure a proxy server in Windows 10 you will have to find a series of functional proxy addresses. The quality of the proxy services differs so you have to pay attention to finding one that functions well. One of these proxy servers require to specify the address of a configuration script that should be uploaded by Windows 10. If you decided to use this type of proxy server, you will have to access the ‘automatic proxy configuration’ from the Proxy section.

Check if the automatic proxy settings are activated and then to operate the switch for the ‘Use a configuration script’ at the Active position. After that, introduce the proxy’s URL in the Script Address section from the bottom of the ‘Automatic proxy configuration’. After you finished the configuration, then save the changes by clicking on the Save button. For a manual configuration of the proxy server, you have to make sure that the ‘Automatic settings detection’ and ‘Use a configuration script’ from the ‘Automatic proxy configuration’ are deactivated.

Then, in the Manual proxy configuration zone you have to act the ‘Use a proxy server’ switch in the Active position. The manual configuration of a proxy server requires to know the IP address and of the server’s port that you want to use. After you have this information, introduce it in the sections called Address and Port. Then, you can select the section called ‘Don’t use the proxy server for the local addresses’ from the lower part of the ‘Manual proxy configuration’ zone. Next, click on the Save button and if you want to be sure that the server works, you can verify its status via websites like the Find My IP.

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