Anonymous navigation on the Internet and the prevention of ID theft by using a IP Proxy server

On the Internet, there is no privacy regarding the identity of each computer, each having an IP address that reveals much information related to the location, ISP, etc. This information may be used by the people with bad intentions, to steal our virtual identity and use it for purposes not quite orthodox. We have many opportunities to hide the true identity, the simplest and most effective, being the use of an IP proxy server.

X-proxy is designed to offer a simple solution to protect the identity while navigating on the Internet. The application allows you to connect to the Internet using a proxy server, keeping the anonymity and preventing the identity. The first time you run it, X-Proxy will scan your network to find the available servers. This may take several minutes depending on the connection’s speed of your network.

The displayed list contains the IP addresses, name, country and, very important, details about the degree of anonymity, the response time and security (HTTPS/SSL). The connection to a proxy server is simple, by selecting it in the list and then of Hide IP now option from Settings, or by a double-click on the server from the list. You will have the confirmation of the IP address, plus a small map of the new locations.

The disconnecting, the return to the actual IP address can be made in the same way by selecting the Restore real IP option. The VPN section is available only to the donor users. In Section Privacy there is the option of deactivating the Shield Wall protection (not recommended), Hosts Shield, a shield that will protect you from many malware, hackers, and more, it can increase the speed of page loading avoiding the loading of advertising, banners, etc.

Clear Browsing Date allows you to delete the history of navigation on the Internet (cache, cookies) for the main browsers, Chrome, Firefox and of course, Internet Explorer. X-Proxy has support only for the three browsers referred to above. And to make everything complete, you can test the connection speed to the Internet.

It is necessary to have a SWF Shockwave (Flash) player, the application recommending Adobe Flash Player Standalone, but the SWF opener is recommended, being a little more simple to use. Anyway, it is an individual choice. In addition to the servers offered in the list, you have the possibility to connect to custom servers with the user name and the password.

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