Which are the advantages of using a proxy server?

There are many reasons why the companies and the households use proxy servers. The most important reason for which the companies use proxy servers is the fact that these servers offer a better control over the way in which the Internet connection is used inside the company. The companies can configure the proxy servers to block the access of the employees to unwanted websites such as the adult pages and the social networks. Using a proxy server offers the companies detailed journals with the entire activity on the Internet of the employees. With these journals, the companies can identify in a fast way the employees that lose their time on the Internet instead of working. Another reason why the companies use the proxy servers is the fact that they can optimize the Internet connection. A proxy server can compress the data transmitted on the Internet, can create a cache with the accessed pages and folders and can eliminate the advertising on the visited websites. When an Internet page is accessed, this is stocked on the proxy server. When a new person wants to use the same page, the proxy server checks if the page was modified. If not, it will transmit the local stocked copy to the user and it will not re-load that page.

All these facilities maximize the way in which the Internet Connection is used. When we use a direct Internet connection and we access a web page, the server where is it hosted can see our computer IP address. With its help, the computer’s geographic location can be approximated. Also, the Internet navigator transmits a ‘user agent’ – an information that specifies the used Internet navigator. More, that website can stock a cookie that will offer more information about your activity. A proxy server can have an active role in improving the business networks. They can be configured in such way in which to block the employees’ access to malicious websites or they can crypt the data transfer in order to not be easily intercepted by a third part that shouldn’t have access to it. An important reason for which the proxy servers are used by the household users is that they can avoid the Internet censorship. There are countries that filter their citizens’ Internet traffic to diverse services and websites on the Internet. By using the proxy servers located in other countries, the users can access websites that will normally be blocked.