More Free VPN solutions for iOS, Android and PC

Hotspot Shield VPN is one of the most known free VPN solutions, the name suggesting the main function of the connection to the Internet protection when we access the Internet via a hotspot. Using this application allows us the access to the websites that are blocked in other networks, the connection to pages that offer access only in specific geographical areas, the protection of the user’s identity by hiding the real IP address, the protection of the bank transactions and the prevention of the possible malware attacks. The Hotspot Shield service is free through the dedicated applications for iPhone, Windows, iPad, iPod, Mac OSX or terminals with Android. The free version has no traffic limit, but it shows ads.

TunnelBear is a similar solution, but the usage of the applications requires to create a free account and to confirm the e-mail address. TunnelBear VPN has applications for Windows XP, iOS, Android and for OSX. The data traffic is limited to 500MB monthly, but the users can receive 1GB at a Twitter offer or they can buy the paid packets. The mobile application allows the easy selection of the server to which the connection is made, the user being allowed to choose from the USA, Germany, England and Canada. For Android, the application has a widget that allows the connection or disconnection right from the main screen.

Hideman VPN – the free option offers 5 hours per week utilization and a maximum of 2GB data traffic per month. The usage of the applications doesn’t require registration and the user can choose between more available free servers and the connection can be done automatically. Hideman offers applications for Android in Apple OSX, Windows, Google Play and for iOS the installment is made by accessing their website from iPad, iPod or iPhone.

Private Tunnel requires the registration on the official website and the confirmation of the e-mail address, and the free version offers 100MB traffic only. The users can receive 200MB extra traffic for each person to whose they recommended the service, or 10GB if the person that received the recommendation purchased a packet with included traffic. Private Tunnel has applications for OSX, iOS, Android and Windows. The user can select the server and the application shows the available data traffic.
One Click doesn’t have traffic limit, but the free version is limited to 7 days for iOS and it doesn’t allow the selection of a server, the connection being automatic.

Virtual Private Network applications to proxy your traffic on your mobile device!

cellphoneFor those of you who have been following our posts you would know that in the past we talked about the idea of tunneling all of your traffic from your mobile device for security reasons. Immediately that article caused us to receive some emails asking us for more information about how to do this. So we thought it would be a great idea to write up this article. We are going to share some of the best VPN apps for your phone or tablet.

Hotspot shield is one of the most popular proxy applications for your phone. They have it on the google play store as well as on iTunes for Apple mobile devices. They have a free version as well as a paid version. The paid version unlocks some features. They also allow you to connect at faster speeds as well as connect to more server locations around the world.

If you don’t want to pay a monthly fee for a proxy service we have options for you too! In one of our previous articles we talked about how you can setup your own personal OpenVPN server. The OpenVPN Connect app is what you would use to connect to your server. This solutions works great if you already have a fast internet connection at home and a spare PC that can be used as a server.

The final solution we have for you is not exactly a turnkey application. Its more of a specific setup that takes advantage of SSH to tunnel all of your traffic. You can read about it over at How to Geek for yourself. They have a great guide that tells you step by step how to do it. You also learn a bit of Linux in the process so overall its a win win for you.

What apps are you guys using and what do you like the most about them? Feel free to share any of your own recommendations with us. If we get any good ones we will update this article to share with you all.

Situations where VPN servers should be used

vpnIf you have ever wondered what is a VPN, you are going to really enjoy this article as well as find it very informative. A VPN is a virtual private network. It is used in many different applications. It can be used to allow people outside of the network to access resources within a corporate network. It can also be used to tunnel traffic back to another location securely. Recently it has been used more and more in this scenario. Also with the increasing popularity of WiFi hot spots and the need to secure the traffic flying across the air via waves VPNs are becoming more important.

One place where it makes sense to use a VPN is when using a public hotspot with your cellphone. Even if the wifi network uses a security code its still a good idea. Why? You never know who else is on the same network you are. A network at a hotel for example is more often than not shared with all the other guests at the hotel. Someone with enough knowledge can use this as a honeypot of information.

Other scenario where a VPN is important is when traveling. This is especially important when traveling overseas. If you setup an OpenVPN server on your home internet connection you can tunnel all of your traffic back. OpenVPN also has mobile applications that make it super easy to connect to your server.

If you are at work and you use the WiFi there it might also be a good idea to use one there. There are many savvy employers that monitor their employee WiFi networks. Not only do they monitor just to make sure everything is running as is, but they might also be looking at who is surfing the web instead of doing their work. With a VPN they are not able to see what kind of traffic is going to and from your phone. All web traffic is encrypted.

There are many more places where it might be important to use a virtual private connection. If you can thing of any more that were not covered in this article, feel free to comment below. Or if you have other tips feel free to contact us. We love getting new feedback and tips from our awesome readers.

How web proxy sites help people browse the web


If you aren’t familiar with what a proxy is, its a service that plays a middle man and lets you access resources just as if the server running that service was accessing them. If that made no sense, go back and read it one more time. Eventually it will make sense. There are many times of services that can be considered a proxy. VPNs are one of the most popular today. With a little help from software, your computer creates a very secure connection and tunnels all of your traffic. Your traffic then goes out to the public internet from there. A company like Hide My Ass establishes servers all over the world allowing you to connect there to tunnel your traffic. Some would argue that this is by far the best way to secure all of your traffic and get around web filters. However this option might not always be viable. What if you happen to use a computer where you cant install software. One very common use for web proxies its to unblock websites. Places like at your job and school where you can’t access Facebook and YouTube people tend to use web proxies. These proxies are not the most compatible. You will have cases where some of the web elements load and some don’t. However as long as the main page content loads the proxy user is happy. For those who are looking to unblock YouTube, all they care is that the video loads. Its funny to think that not all YouTube proxies have working video playback. If you are curious about starting your own web proxy, here is a pretty cool video that give you a nice rundown of whats out where: